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God of War II Trailer is a promotional video about the game God of War II.

God of War II Trailer features Kratos pitted against his enemies, battling with new moves and power-moves. Cory Berlog is a director for God Of War II. God of War II Trailer follows the game storyline - action and adventure gaming set in the age of Greek mythology with lead character Kratos. Inside the game are puzzle games as well as adventure missions along with some new weapons - The Spear of Destiny and Blade of Olympus. Atlas Quake is a new relic, and Kratos has found a new ability which is known as Rage of the Titans.

As seen in the trailer, Health and Magic was restored to the franchise, and in the new challenge mode is Arena of Fates which allows players to design their own battles. Fans of action/adventure games and movies may notice some similarities between God of War II Trailer and what's been done before, however reviews indicate that this is a pleasant experience for the player. Unlike many action and adventure games, however, the main character is very unlikable. Kratos, who has no feelings, is a mass murderer who gains skills powerful enough to attract the attention of the Greek Gods.

Graphics are highly detailed and resource intense for Windows PC. It makes the game look great, but can cause it to play slow sometimes during complex battle scenes. Reviewers suggest that the first hour of play can be a bit lackluster until Kratos gains more interesting abilities and weapons.

Players will harvest souls while building experience and gaining abilities, and the combat scenarios are beatable, rather than overly difficult or too easy. Four skill levels await the player of God of War II, including Easy and God Mode. Through the game story for God of War II Trailer, players will be learning new moves right until they finish the game. The puzzle games are said to remind some players of early adventure games based on movies.

Developed by Santa Monica Studio, God of War II was published by Sony Computer Entertainment back in 2007 as a sequel to the 2005 edition of God of War. Also known as SCE Santa Monica Studio (Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica), the developer is part of the worldwide Sony company. Other successes for Santa Monica Studio include Kinetica and the Kinetica game engine as well as God of War. Externally, Sony Computer Entertainment has backed independent programming studios such as Thatgamecompany and Giant Sparrow.

God of War II Trailer is a WMV video for the game which takes up 26.8 MB of space and runs for 1 minute and 42 seconds on any Windows PC with graphical capabilities. Performance of the video may vary depending on personal computer specifications.


  • Puzzle games
  • New weapons
  • Battle creation tools


  • May look dated by game standards today
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